Thursday, July 12, 2007

item #1293

I am new to your religion. Are you continuing? I am one ounce aristocrat in conquest. World, you still here? Thus continue... Firstly, I am in relocation-work, a kind of engineering. As such, you understand, I have no option than to look world-wise. I am on other continents and online. I dabble honestly, dribble honourably. I am also fully-courteous. I lite upon all modern days - polymathmatic, theoretical, urphysical, utterly-composed, and ticking. I make films. My first film was a girlfriend in a golden building with many skills. I have made others. In them, the call of love is too strong to resist anywhere. One theme I seem preoccupied with is the notion that each day is an opportunity simply waiting to be explored. From this, flows the idea that home-life emulates structures found within simplistic belief-systems, and without slaughter there is no progress. Quite European. For me, these films are not so much conversations with the viewer - being neither socially-extensive nor socially-verifiable. Rather, they are from the backhand of socialism - being ponderously separate, mentally-unsupported, and without real questions.

Are you interested?