Sunday, July 29, 2007

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Looking mainly underground... treasure, experience, novelty... out-areas ... you know. This doesn't necessarily exclude travel, but it makes travel an issue, of course. I can easily accommodate movement; but movement itself must be within the context already stated. Please don't send me messages criticising my way of life. I will simply not respond.

Anyway, I'm here for positive reasons. So let's see where this takes us...

Consider these personal aphorisms, please: (1) initial basis is key to eventual result (2) felt need is no monitor and no barometer of actual desire (3) indiscipline should be mediated, built, never direct or directed (4) conceptual overweighing removes and replaces corporeal substance (5) the cross is already owned, colonised (6) a ship of fools is an atol of possibility (7) generality must fall into disrepair (8) limitations can be arranged (9) modifications can be arranged (10) permanence is injurious, but can be arranged (11) numerical regularity is arranged a priori (12) consideration is almost always unseen and uncalculated (13) straightforwardness is a set-up (14) greatness is a form of constructed, occluded irregularity which slices reality like white supermarket bread (15) longterm preferences describe and franchise capability (16) historicism requires painful and invasive surgery

Given the above, are you interested? You must be if you've read this far. Well, think about it... Why should I let you get away?


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