Thursday, August 09, 2007

item #0061

It is my intention to follow a path to a castle (any castle) as an approach to notions in and around demarcation, impediment, elitism, and obfuscation - expressed, firstly, as four towers and, secondly, as two high curtain-walls, with each tower functioning as one facet of sexuality as follows: (1) corporeal constriction (2) non-material ceremony (3) brain fun and (4) late-Orwell, with one curtain-wall being lite-black and the other dark-white. This is my museum for Belgrano. Inside, history is stitched-shut. I envisage many rooms. Each of these is an issue. Each is for an issue. Each is at issue. In light of this, let me explain a little about content and function... Rooms are veils. Their origin willingly goes beyond performance, someway toward rituals of service. You can look at rooms, but only during an examination of personal fears, feelings and fantasies. In doing so, you shed layers of yourself; like some filthy house-snake. Otherwise, you stand outside, like some derm-worm, looking at skin to keep you together. These rooms are social regulations, in fact. Freedom relies too much upon probability, I feel. I prefer regulation - for nature, as well as for the sciences. In this way, all is exposed and therefore beautiful. Depending upon what happens, fear and doubt will either be banished or savoured as sensuality. Either way, you will feel something. (Yes, I know there are no new horizons; but there are old ones which can be convincingly refurbished.) In return I require daily commitment, daily enquiry. I must know we can explore the forms of resolution I am interested in. My proposal will require you to read mail and to furnish lengthy replies. In these, I require events and answers. Finally, just to say my door is always open.


Blogger devin said...

I saw a cat in a room in my dream... it was a tabby- the size of a medium tiger- but as I walked through the doorway & into the room it whooshed away from the middle & became transfixed on the far wall... a (formerly) living mural. i should have cried out- but woke up, instead... & went off to the WC... ^..^

Friday, October 05, 2007 7:30:00 am  

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