Tuesday, August 28, 2007

item #0930

Active theory writes itself - into others & c.; all hypno-switching, unlooking, foreignist. For my part, I believe classical physics to be true. Ordain me! lol ...allow me into realms of dominance. I stretch wings of prey, use soft pencils, stabbed into feet of clay, running like Hyde, the Hyde of Hyde, who died, eyes open wide, sketching, prizing, womanising.

Ok. I realise that takes time. So, can I say that I exist? No fun intended! Please realise, I do not excerpt, except within agreed limits. I can part waves... and particles. Direct experience requires only direction, I think. Similarly, I do not believe in necessity of any kind. I may be unruly, but I am seldom disruptive. I do have an inability; for which I will duly apologise. Ask please....

May I add, please, that hindsight is greater than foresight? Relatedly, something often equates to nothing. I have one leg missing; two fingers on each hand, so far.

I am interested in meeting others like me. I do not always buzz. But I want to.