Friday, August 10, 2007

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Life divides us all. So here we are ... little boxes. Chose yours, and read on .... lol

I'm American, but living in the UK for now. Female, early 60s, single - separated, seeking those who like to be easily-led. I have the life of someone who is in love with making decisions for others. I am a professional decider. It comes naturally to me. I am also sexy. That's why I've tried this route, to see what it offers me. Sex is not an issue, however.

I have improved and modified many people with my techniques. Because of my general manner and how I live my everyday life, I have been considered enough for most problemisers. In my line, one takes it all in. All suitable promlemisers get that treatment. That's crucial to how I work; and it why I have been successful. One previous problemiser liked me because she said I never lose control of her self. That's a typical example. Others have said I am a thinker who enjoys the imperatives which stream from necessity. If you are of this type, I would be happy to work with you, as if we are on the same wavelength.

I don't wish to waste anyone's time. So I'll say my interests are confined to: om-swallowing, om-spitting, overpaying, considerations of isness, hatersports, proverbial abuse, and tongue flapping.

I need ideals; real ones. If you don't get the drift, please move on. If you do, and you want to chat, then contact me.


Anonymous herbert said...

oh DAMN! iwant modification So. Very. Badly. and you said this 2 months ago... & now you're dead, probably- you were so old... Double-damn! (what was i DOING in august- playing Frenetics with the dog? Fringling a gnu? crap...) ^..^

Friday, October 05, 2007 7:23:00 am  

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