Thursday, September 06, 2007

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Hi. Experienced fe, based SE, mid-50s, single, solvent, seeking similar. I have high standards and you must, too.

My particular interest is expectation. Should we click, I will layer you deep. No complex personality grows understanding, I believe. My needs include agreement with this maxim.

To my actual profile...

Professionally, I develop primary inclusions. Some are long-term and some, perhaps most, are short-term. I exercise, what may be termed, restraint, but without personal deprivation. The public do not interest me; except as fodder for a kind of proletarian exhibitionism. Such things require theoretical modification, however, and I seldom take the time. I am theatrical. I am a disciple of control and permanence. These institutions satisfy me. I am intellectually-expressive. Know, however, that I embody, and that I allure for arousal. That said, objectification of the physical per se holds no charms for me whatsoever. I will tolerate such discoveries in others, though.

In essence, I am looking for a line in the sand; someone to be that line. I do not care if you connect to anything wider than this. Please understand that I am looking for a kind of barren extremity. In time, I expect you to have nothing more than manipulated needs and senses. This will be a measure of my success.

Best wishes.


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