Friday, October 19, 2007

in response to below was emailed...

Hello Craig

Anthony (bass etc.), murmurists, here.

Thanks for reviewing our Closed Captioned show of 12th October, with such expressive, open writing. Glad you enjoyed the evening; we did, too. Best of all, we felt, was the atmosphere; with, as you pointed out, the shifting audience, of performers and punters alike, being respectful of and open-minded about all the work on offer. We're from out of town - Bill and Dave still living in the North West, and me being relatively new to Northampton - and it was nice to feel part of things; as opposed to seeing several self-interested ghettos, which is too often the case with gigs. Dan worked hard to put an evening together which was entertaining and which made sense artistically. He's a good guy.

Just to say ... our set was in fact completely improvised, not a composition of any kind. We met up on the Wednesday. Bill (keys etc.) had never played live before, and would actually class himself as a fine artist, a painter to be precise, who makes 'noise', or soundart. Dave and I last played together in April 2005, at the Sonorities festival, Belfast Queens University, again improvising live.

Most people we spoke to after our performance thought what we did was one long composition. Our 'fault' - as we should have announced prior to playing that we are an improv band. That's an interesting issue in its own right, of course: the object created is still what it is, but the intention behind it is different, even opposed; which is likely to frame how one, as part of the audience, views, judges, and understands that object.

Obviously, you yourself, on balance, enjoyed what we made. Would it have been different if the improvisation factor had been foregrounded? Plus, would knowing these facts about the gestation of what murmurists created - in particular Bill's first gig, Dave and I not playing together for two-and-a-half years - make one more sympathetic to the music heard, thus changing the object itself?

Anyway, thanks again, and good luck with your writing. Are you perhaps studying journalism at university?

Best wishes,



Blogger St. Anthony said...

A considered response to a considered review.
Composed vs improvised ... (or composed in real time) ... the sound made is the same. Is it all in the ear of the beholder?

Saturday, October 20, 2007 5:50:00 am  

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