Monday, October 15, 2007

item #9320

Hi. We are he-people. We give so often and so visibly to society; loudly influencing, in order to both mediate and stimulate our needs, within and by means of services and byproducts. We are gatherers. Within the rat race, we gather with purpose. Elsewhere, we put upon people; backing them into corners, to suffer tailor-made boredoms within environments called home. 'Eekk, a house!', they shriek. They consume our blandest meals, in pre-prepared situations of our choosing. Down down, we impassively absorb needs created within us during fits and starts. We get more modern by the hour; more ergonomic by the moment. For sure, we are designers. We do what do we do as transference. Similarly, we require attention away from the ambit of culture. Everything must be crushed. Society is not about individualism. Why? ...Because, it's challenges are uniform, passive. Accepting this will lead to arrangements ;)


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