Friday, November 02, 2007

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Well, tiger, I do seem like I want to emphasize good life. It's true, I limit myself by making a point of other things....bad life, Lydon-wise, you know... Our problems are problems of proportionality.

Here's the thing...

Being controls reality and surreality. Generalising this knowledge aids moral and intellectual authority. Take this as it is meant. By authority, I emphasise a branch of basic human kindness; not a canopy of commands, glints in an eye, and heavy strutting. The twinkle in my own eye is secondhand starlight, merely reflected. You will find me gregarious, even coquettish, in this, I suspect. Yet, I am comfortable enough.

I'm interested in theatrics. I like its embroideries. I am no lover of its consistencies, however.

Please note I am divorced, and am seeking a single male. I have children, and I have several pets. I smoke but I do not drink - ever.

In addition, you must be geographically compatible. I cannot budge on that issue.

Best wishes :-)


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