Tuesday, November 20, 2007

item #7245

Dear Sir/Madam

Your site is overrun by thieves, fakes, scammers and trash, all advertising services the world does not need. Your just another greedy middle-class, middle-aged, arrogant cad pretending to be too dumb and lazy to earn money any other way; peddling that as insight, philosophy, informed choice. There's no shortage of ill-fitting descriptions for your company and its supposed benefits. Read your own rules - such as they are. Check for errors. There are thousands. Some of your customers are listed as buildings, places, ports of call; whilst ages of personnel range from dates in the 19th Century to dates way off into the future. How are such things possible? Have you no quality control, no moderation? You need to do some work on these problems immediately. People are paying good money, month-by-month. God knows why. Little appears genuine. You complain that things are stagnating. The reason why new customers aren't coming isn't because people can't find you, it is because you are offering nothing new, or different. The same old shopping list of activities, copied and pasted from other sites.



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