Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Human freedom has a high price. It is something existentially irregular. One makes sacrifices because of it. In order to function, modern democracies generalise something base; and this generalisation is itself base. We live this terrible ouroboros each and everyday. Modern life is a form of cannibalism. We eat each other and ourselves. I chew my nails, for instance; and, in chewing the fat, here, now, I am eating into you. Human rights are improper, uneven. There is no universal suffrage. Until there is, the concept is meaningless and should not be used. In other words, shut up. Too much is socially withheld. That much is obvious. But too much is ontologically withheld, also; too much is obscure, made artificially opaque. Official mechanisms of justice serve an official injustice. The officers of this injustice are having a party at our expense. The themes of such creatures revolve around notions like responsibility and accountability - but for others. They accept none of these tasks for themselves. Despite our freedom, we cannot help but capitulate, into a system of fake, perfunctory responsibilities, into patterns of living commensurate with trade. Questioning this complex is consigned to history, we are told.


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