Friday, January 18, 2008

item #7491

Becoming offers a series of temporarily unified states. Becoming itself is serial in turn and by extension. Enduring merely offers centuries, decades, years and days. The object is to take a name, as a claim to corporeal formality. Mine is the analogue of a sequence of related numbers settled upon a given territory. Like others, I am essentially liturgical. In short, I am a system of changes, or sleights, around the object of my name. Not all measurements of this kind are relevant or of equal importance. I refuse to rank, however; yet I rank, nonetheless, damned by, guided by, the penetrations of Becoming. Nothing else functions as influence. Additions are not foundations. The sediment is static and sealed. The sediment is Being. The sediment is common. Contemporaneity is purely experiential, existentially consequential; moreover, it is individuated, insofar as innovation itself divides us, both from one another and from ourselves.