Friday, January 04, 2008

Kind Mr Kwo, via myspace

Hello there Murmurists/ I have been listening to yr music while working on my novel/Puts me in a out of it psychodelic space/it was Ne Wave that set me off/ transparent save subsequent verification you could have answered said Absurdina which comes down to making a confession under marginal escaped voice always a theater unravelling sewn from the filaments of a literal damage not because i sleep alone says BoyDebris under Armolite mask of Nagazaki ovens/ The Human Target as bullit proof reality what always remains irresovable like a machine during a difficult armament procedure/ The Toxic Soldier tracks the Nomad to point of exit/ the crisis of the body push the limit thru endcodes on a contaminated filmic event horizon/the principle difficulty is that there is no unity of occurrence and exchange between the unity of self with the Other who is S/He who precedes the state of viral drug embolism/ Tragedy is no simulant turn off/the aufhebung as opposed to transparency is not some determinent thing such as a prosthesis or foreign object/It constellated integrity is one of those works like fuk desire death/ Then I ran out of tracks...Regards Lee Kwo/