Monday, December 31, 2007

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Just a few opening ideas...

Our area of professional interest will never form part of your zeitgeist. We are most often, to make the point, physically-appalled at your lack of grace and courage. Strictly speaking, the precise details of such emotional activities are our own business, however. What follows is a sleight only, an alibi of sorts.

We are playing baby to your bathwater, yes, but we are routinely unimportant in your explanation of history. We have recourse only to factuality. We neither invoke nor provoke any, one might say, genus of nations. The spirit of our logic connects only certain extant governing-ideas with certain non-negotiable starting-points - all without the distortions of personal content, being formed from basic observation, towards a wish to survive.

We are, we feel, unique in this simplicity. The ways by which nations perpetuate themselves are, we believe, too complex, too destructively-complex; necessitating a blithe technological severity, invasive systems of restriction, and the perpetuation of empty rivalries in an empty, loveless dynamic, from which only voids not objects and beings are inferred, franchised.

Desire is overtly ubiquitous. Such petulant resolutions must be prevented, however. Desire must be processed by reason; and reason itself must be an entirety if it is to remain meaningful and essential in this task. Reason must also speak; it must be exponential; it must be committed in and of itself; it must be impregnably Socratic, dialectical, democratic, loving. It must save lives, not take them.

Mistakes happen. That said, they must be made to lie face-down upon our learning curves. They must be tamed; made into the cogs of progress. Awareness of this is of paramount importance. It is, a fortiriori, a form of economics.

We proffer nothing abstract. We insist that ideas must be such that people can hold them, so that they may can hold onto them.

Thanks & best wishes,

Alison, Andrej, Ruggero & Martin x x x x


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