Monday, April 14, 2008

hatemail from karate kids

Above even, lies odd. Man wants respect.

First of all
1.1 Vex, to ease [...] 1.2 distress yourself to him sexually 1.3 Reality depreciates 1.4 You sooth 1.5 Anger (for a man is word) 1.6 Revolve the woman, revolve her 1.7 If she is herself, if she is the first and last, revolve around round her ever-wising 1.8 Warm your hero 1.9 Crow

+ Woman way.

2.1 Sense poses / supposes. Tethered 2.2 Strength diminishes 2.3 Leap Leap Leap 2.4 Science hopes (in lieu) 2.5 Oughtness, eachness. Testifies. 2.6 The universe is a mess 2.7 It may be a becausal thing 2.8 Fetch hard and often 2.9 Craze on

Good luck.


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