Thursday, May 08, 2008

item #0021

Termination ifs-out use. Rats, sinking ship... etc., please. (Or, her loosely-wrought bra, knickery, headsock, and so forth.) I fail to refer you, I know. There are theoretical approaches or there is withering inclusivity, the ring-fence of motherbeings, tit-drunk and structural. No high generality. None. No, my sex is some quintet, quadruply-uninfluenced, fourfoldedly-rhetorical, spitting. I still see you, though, the subversive. You have a poet on pain of uneven breath (and all that logic), carelessly renting. Write me a demonstration; I am your co-dependent, alchemically eliminating, Nin-to-fiv. In other words, Greyfriar, share your system! If I am, as you say, motionally-convergent, I am so only on common land, and in an attempt to uncover your own list of unquestioned metaphors. (Nature is taken-for-granted, as you have said. I am clearly objective, as you say.) So what?

duamtor x


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