Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Thirteen Symbols [might ...] It's easyesque to statement much thus: acertain histo. invent, personify political diversity - by allegory, by figuration; in order to express and promote such naysays as ununion, unsecurity, unliberty, unequality, unjustice. I personification readily. I understood by contemporaries I is: here #device convey solids among the killers and strengtheners with cutting machines (eg. Civil Government). I am, now and always, 'early planner'; me-like emblem, appropriated. or Die." 1.1 Democracy = 1.2 Probability. [Both hands the Revolution to an empty nation.] Thumbing breast on thumbing flag. You rats


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Murmur,

Just popping by to say hello and wish the lady a happy birthday as well. Just pinging up and down the Murmurister site and wondering how you come up with all of your wonderful ideas. I just read one of your comments on another site as well 'Kraftwerking my way back to you babe.' Watch the genius at work folks!!

Love to you both,

Saturday, August 02, 2008 1:53:00 pm  

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