Wednesday, November 05, 2008

item #6004

Hi. I'm a Pharmacist. A man from yesterday. I am a virus of submission. It helps me sleep at night. l hate most things. That's constancy, of course. Drip drip drip. I just took some tablets. Won't be long. I've got into bed; but I'm not sleepy. I will wait until 6am. Then I will have dinner, at a restaurant, before getting back in bed, this time to sleep. I have 1327 tracks on each hand. I deserve more. When it was only 1996, I had more. My life is not my career. I spoke with Karen on the phone. She went missing after a week. I was in the bath. I had visions of her talking on the phone. I made no arrangements. Just the visions. Last night it poured rain into today, as grey skies. Some crazy weather. I just sent two emails.


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