Monday, December 22, 2008

item #2941

Allison, No your wrong about me in many ways. First I'm not going into a quiet period, nor am I getting you another job siss. You like to moan at me I know and I constantly think about things which prompt you to do so. In light of you I love you but it's all inner torment. I'm still deciding just why that is. You remind me of dad. How I really don't know. You want more evidence you say. Well I want more as well. And I haven't had any now have I? Yes as you say I have red hair and redheads are this and that. So I can't stop it. But it is you isn't it who does all that and gets away with it because I'm always defending myself. My red hair you used to love and it isn't that which opens my mouth against you and what you are saying at the latest about me. I learn all about it from someone. I'm still deciding whether to impose something else and work for myself somewhere. I can because I've done just that three or four times before now you know. You keep on reminding me and I will get the message one day. Lesley


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