Sunday, December 21, 2008

item #5021

You offer such a pale ride. I had no previous idea you were looking to my camera for something simplistically knowable. That's a bit tricky, especially after the extreme directions you tend to favour these days. So, I ask myself, how do I feel, being reduced like that? You might tell me when to smile, when to look serious and so on, but I need something more instant but still with meaning. I see nothing truly memorable in anything you've written down for me. I know that sounds somewhat harsh, but can you just clear your mind? Here's what I'd like you to do... That is if you are actually serious and wish to continue... I mean nothing underhand with this, but the two people you introduced me to, well they are wonderful, so open. You do not know, but we are now very good friends, and we meet often. I wonder if that bothers you? You like to control such things, and you think you do, don't you? But, I'm here to tell you that people just get on with things behind your back and under your nose, and we don't even feel guilty about it. Maybe here we have a situation. You tell me. But I won't be lectured to. Just remember that. You're on the slide, not what you were. Be sensible. I can help you with things, but on my terms. Fuck all the emotional pageantry, OK? Otherwise, we'll all cut the knot.