Friday, February 06, 2009

item #4545

I have found what I was seeking and I know it. I am part of some physical drama, put beyond your reach and understanding. Now, everything else is either an irritation or irrelevant. Still, I am exposing myself to all that is hereby rendered superfluous; with the sole intention that you might think me even more perverse. This will add to things. I am, in this way, framing - indeed limiting - the sway of references you might have for me, and, as such, directing what I can be said to represent for you. I am, therefore, convened - as a set of physical instances and social proposals - by means of a combination of what I am offering of myself, directing you towards, and how you, in turn, re-assemble and reconfigure this material in light of your own proclivities and ideas. I am allowing you, that is to say, to ideate me into something approaching, what one might term, existence; all the time, in contrast, ready to fade into smoke, at the drop of a pre-prepared deleterious sentence or technical blocking mechanisms I have at my disposal. Keep your inbox open, boy; as it is only a matter of time before I knock you off-kilter anew. I'm not seeking any other version of ownership for you; and that is the very nearest to, what you erroneously call, totality I will allow you to get. Your wishes are subject to the scattering of memory I am able to access; and I will not concentrate further on your behalf. It pleases me to define you as intelligent, but to, at the same time, treat you as if you have no control. Allison


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