Saturday, April 11, 2009

item #9521

To KJ2008. Why do you keep mailing me? I block one address, you mail via another. I've told you several times now that I'm not interested in responding to more of your pointless protests. You're so typical of those on high salaries, living in the bonus culture. To me a bank is simply somewhere I put my wages once a month. It's nothing more, and no matter how you try to elaborate that into a life-style choice I will not change my mind. You strike me as an emotional coward, hiding behind a pseudonym, in some fancy office block, bored and just trying to upset people. I wasn't whining about having to pay tax. I believe in it. How else would hospitals etc. get built you brainless tosser? I'm a socialist. That's what it means. It's you who has a problem with paying the bills, with your furtive little accountant getting you out of all kinds of things. You admitted as much, thinking at that early stage I'd be impressed by your fashionable cynicism and business savvy. Didn't work out like that though, as I hated you all the more. You're just a thief, nothing else, a squalid little pickpocket. One day in your middle-age maybe, just maybe, you'll wake up sweating, thinking what a deluded prostitute you've been, burying your nose half way up your boss's smelly fucking arse. Your fancy CV is a work of fiction. You told me that too. You're so proud of its many deceptions. Is this how you impress all the ladies? The pity of it is it probably works most of the time. Go and bother someone else. Next mail I get from you I go to the site moderator with your IP address. Understand? Suzanna


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