Thursday, April 02, 2009

item #4211

This is important. I'm trapped, somewhere dark, with only this unreliable dial-up, obviously left to me as the only way I can communicate. Just woke up here, confined. No idea how, no idea why. Previously I was applying myself to aspects of * like the rest of you, admittedly with disdain and disinterest. So is this a form of revenge upon me for that I wonder? I've been wondering all kinds of things. I am fed and watered twice a day, seemingly by a machine. This box is iron or steel, soundproofed and the air is scant at times. I think I hear trains to my left. I spent the first weeks screaming. But now in order to increase my chances of a helpful response I'm pretty silent. I have no interest in tolerating this situation. I did no choose it. I cannot say how anyone might find me. I am hoping for a miracle. Niki


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