Sunday, May 03, 2009

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There's a problem with having complex purposes, I've found. Perhaps I'm venting by default, but this isn't going to be a litany, whatever you all may think. I covet those anger-induced moments of compound failure, as an attempt, via probability, to quantify my expectations. My comments were always offered, sharply, on that basis. Maybe that's confusing to some? I do think intentions are hard to define and even harder to communicate. Perhaps an example would help ... Well, I fantasise about unattainable standards, hoping for an irreversible breakdown. The other day, I become more important exactly because I managed to succinctly put into words the quiet inside of me. I’m at the stage where I'm gaining more control over what controls me because of that. You see very little, I think; and I am here to hide my own eyes similarly. I spent years wondering what made you tick. Now I know, and ... well, I just know. Daphne x


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