Monday, April 20, 2009

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I've always worked. For almost 10 years, I trained the populous to accept new systems of thought. By mixing professional rhetoric with obscure governmental procedures, I was able to appropriate progress itself as an unassailable formal starting point. Even so, I seldom saw the changes I personally desired. In the end, it came to me, that the only way to continue was to do so unilaterally. So, here I am, with my own institutions. Now, I enter those same colleges and schools this time looking for finality; all the while talking my charges into academic circles. The physiological principles I use are touted as a "fantastic voyage", incomparable", "global". Nothing I do is strictly legal, however. But authority views training mechanically and I am well-connected. Scientists fear me and I am hidden by routines.

Last year I made more than my father did in his lifetime.

I log on here as devildeepbluesea.


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