Saturday, June 20, 2009

item #0079

Been here before without success. Been away. Fucked up thoughts, getting over stuff - mostly HIM. Giving it another try. Black thoughts though. Ultimately I am looking for a loving relationship. Why is that so strange? I'm in the wrong place I realise. If this is merely idle, then so what? I work hard, and my life is not the one I want. So I'm seeking distractions in the short-term and grander stuff in the longer-term. A little about me.... I like to explore everything that is around me, even if on automatic. The smallest things bring me pleasure, because I take the time notice. Here it is: I AM SENSUAL, if that is your thing. I don't carbon copy. Get over it. Other encounters between two people have no ending. Forget all that. All I know is the kiss was denied.


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