Sunday, June 14, 2009

item #7328

In response to a recent bulletinboard posting I saw whilst on my wanderings ... Gele (Stains) stated that 'blind therapy - malevolent of paradox, pathological of stray - you trap and entangle me, remaining futile to all attempts at unravelling from within.' Well, Sir, my own emergence is one of candid imminence, and the identifications which I perceive as levelling form patterns of difference, between one participant and another. I recognise what is happening and know that I should remain (as you describe it) non-confrontational. But for all that I am onal, I am seg-imagel, po-furthee. I am dimensional. To text, I ideate, in forms interactive and piecemeal. Partake in my remainings, why won't you. See, I speed my legs on neutral ground for you. The user discovers me. But I cannot take more recognition, sorry. What feelings are? Grizzly


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