Sunday, June 21, 2009

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I like to think of myself as being good at conversation. But I was shocked at one I was dragged into on a bulletin board on here recently. Outlining the issues will be instructive. Here we go .... I am a recognised authority on a wide range of subjects. I'm a really big reader. I like to think I can stimulate others, challenge them mentally, on many levels. So the profile header I chose reflected that. I merely ticked that option, since it is offered, and said a little about what it meant in my case. So far, so good, you'd think. But this morning I logged onto my account and saw a new thread which, even with its severe and bizarre abbreviations, I could see was aimed right at me and issues I'd raised. This concerned the deceptive beauty of some germane languages ... I'm half-germane, on my mother's side. I always try to be gentile in my opinions. But I had argued with a degree of passion, maybe. But why should that bother anyone? I thought I was making a simultaneously general and personal point, to which no-one could take offence. In the event though it wasn't the case. I'm still striving to accommodate those harsh words tossed in my direction, by some weird notionalist. No sensation can compete with that. I'm fed up with constructed guidance, and sometimes I'm contained within my own pleasure. I'm no cloud, however. I never forget. So I'm not starting now. Anymore broadsides and I publish, ok. Zee


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