Sunday, July 19, 2009

item #1199

It's easy to waste time on sites like this. They are such a seduction, such a distraction. But, well, it was recommended by a trusted friend. So I'm going to give it a couple of months of my time. About me ... Well, being from the real world, I'm not into online interaction for its own sake. I guess saying that can get repetitive, maybe even offensive, to those who are that way inclined! A good start then ...! Up to a certain point, though, I'm willing to explore and take a chance on 'meeting' someone special via here. So, let's begin again ...! I'm middle-aged, worked all my life, now semi-retired and very solvent. So I suppose I fall into that 'now time for me' category, in looking for a partner to share the good life with. I am specifically wanting to provide for someone, and to treat her like a princess, in return for being loved and cherished in return. I'm seeking love and companionship. I think I'm a good man. They say I'm handsome, and I do keep fit - though I have a heart condition technically speaking, it's never really been a massive issue. You wouldn't be getting a burden or anyone who limited things. I don't think I'm lonely, but I do feel it's time for me not to be alone now. To avoid time-wasting, I shall not contact anyone whose profile suggests anything which is not perfectly understandable to me. Allan


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