Tuesday, October 13, 2009

item #0044

Can we agree that preterneutral justice connotes forms of synthetic causality? I get sick of debating this, truly. But I have one last illustration in me. Robert, a determinist, goes on a list of certainties, as I lay some pamper tab upon him. Sciences enquire about him; whilst via long wires I prey. As befriender, I suck him in tightly; intent upon evincing. My embrace makes him, and I pass his lids between my teeth, like some looking after number one. I am soon without realisation; freed as to what it means and as to what it can mean. Male me like a chicken, Robert. My mouth is a river. Its pink indistinction is dramatic; and I am, for you, keynote and sessional. It will be to Socrates.

Grist (a giant machine)