Sunday, October 11, 2009

item #0090

In its *ness, the Clearing - that ceaseless numerical accord, which surveys all fauna and each onward, ur-religious practice of same - will, by-the-by, billionise its dedicated members, seconding them to versions of Christianity neither revolutionary nor natural. The Clearing is infinitely uneven; a clown happening, a rightist beforing, an eyes-shut Westernised indistinction, awaiting silent defeat, stagnation and igmony. Angels ... all you angels, you fisting tropes of disunity, we call upon your parent states, in the Americas, up and down, across Europe and Eurasia, to the scattered islands of Oceania, to the African hulk, to the frozen wastes ... modalities, modalities ... singularities ... We call upon you to populate. We call upon you to percentage as a citizenry, to give and to convert. We are not too late. There may soon be more functioning. GM