Thursday, October 08, 2009

item #3975

i was abby here before. bit shocked i ended up back but when thigns wer better i knew i woud b. not warning you i feel good LOL ok, anyway i told you he was very busy for a day and i would not go til evening, maybe 5 or 6 hours. well there after i went back to his stuipid reception to be booked in a dark little room, again. was some confusion as when i went on to floor i stayed there frigtned for another hour. i was a nurse. he got me it. i did not know i was paying for a surgery untill my now old friend got small minded on me. it was a hot day i coundt brethe. i came out of my room sicker and bad mood. i given a sedative at 3 pm, and was told was going to be woken up back in my room. my head was covered. and under my chin i was tied down. sleept for a night. had a reahere bad night. i wable and got no sleep. rea knew a little headache, but didnt care about it or me. they took my Bp. it was lower now 110/5. toldd to sleep but coud not. About 7 i neddded to pee, and bloody spit. bed was all wet and i could not move. call the nurse