Wednesday, November 04, 2009

item #6928

I take the name, Carq, as a byword for others.

I have spent my life exploring an idea of human behavior, whilst all the while attempting not to influence anyone by discussing my findings. I will not describe what I mean in more detail. So, please do not ask. Because of my efforts, I live beyond the control of awareness itself, free from the inhumanity of my own consciousness. My key notions are, one might say, archetypically independent, primarily conjured from those warm agencies - love, surrender etc. - but also via motivations at once more base and conspicuous. In short, I have no agenda. I find no expression in those mythologies my friends seem to swear by. I have, instead, insisted upon differing conceptual terms, images and symbols, which, through their inherent, and intentional, ambiguities, and the secret processes they aspire to further conceal, reason alone has dominion over. I have turned to alchemy because of this, and I am here solely to institute shadows and to perform re-workings of past disorders.

I cannot otherwise be known, and you will only ever hate me.