Saturday, October 17, 2009

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Firstly, if anyone points me in the direction of employment, I'll be very grateful. It's been one hell of a few months here. I'm very grateful to *Anna Bears* - who's been a real friend during all that time, and I'm really sorry that it all went sour in the end :( Anyway ... on with the show, I suppose. I've been asked by my current partner to say a little about myself here. Before I get to the perfunctory descriptions, likes/dislikes, and what it is I am supposedly seeking, which this site demands, though, I want to cut to the chase a bit, and say something about my general outlook. Questions ... Is permanence for others? I'm all ultimata and he-will, like someone who sees commitment but not the bigger picture. I'm unwilling to work to reach the huge rewards of availability, but if you aren't ready for that then I am still able to talk to keep a broad perspective between us. ( Oh, how different people seem to do things, I always think to myself. ) But, that said, I cannot remember anything beyond the conversions, those feasible involvements, and their eventual approval. This accounts for my wrath, but it doesn't explain it. Blond, blue-eyed, 5'4, early 30s, professional.


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