Sunday, December 13, 2009

item #0800

Emails from guys are automatically blocked. So don't waste your time. I'm only here for friends and the chatroom.

Just want to express my continued admiration for my own words; especially as he, my only only, uses them upon me; like the universe all into me; like a crime against litany itself. Fuck ... I say this with pride, yet I get comments against my nature here all the time. But I am not jarred. To Mea Culpa [sic] I say in response: little feeler, your pined suggestions have no implicit right-of-way. Beautiful though my loculations are, gobshite caricature, I do love an object of community for what it brings as terminology. And to SpiritMotive0002, you emailed me just expressing future references to anyone else. WTF? I am very jealous of mankind in my own way; but, please, don't ever tell me you have any final hearing.

I cannot explain how thoughts would share me.