Tuesday, January 12, 2010

item #0016

I tell him, I despise education. I tell him, enhancement is incapacity. I am making his decisions for him. He needs discipline and I know my true nature. So it fits, ok? It's right, ok? I've had a lifetime of quibbling over this issue. He is unable to govern me. I am able to govern him. It's just the way it is. I make demands upon him, and he is orientated. Without my attentions, he's just another in the void, flailing around looking for love and affection. I am here to ascend; and I utterly do so, via him, and via how we are together. My status is assured. Nothing here is insubstantive or relational. I'm talking about absolute, intrinsic value.

I'm sure that by now most people may believe this is fake. Ok, that was then, this is now ... I'm being discarded, and I'm back with nothing more than memories and the feeling of wasted potential. I hesitated when it mattered. My self-esteem is

I'm not a grotesque

I do not seek to negotiate
permanent power


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