Monday, May 29, 2006

Sporadicfest, Loughborough, UK, 27:05:06

To all who care to know, murmurists played the annual Sporadicfest, at Swan-in-the-Rushes, Loughborough, Leics, UK, on Saturday, 27th May 2006. One of the organisers, Rod Warner, said this as an opener: '...I got home late and utterly exhausted - but it was worth it... despite a patchy audience attendance, overall the day went well, the music was brilliant and thought-provoking, the use of film adding an extra dimension (despite the Sporadic white sheet screen!) - and Tristan Burfield's re-scoring of Cocteau's 'Blood of a poet' which started the proceedings, a fascinating re-take on an old favourite. Thank you to all - Richard and Liquidisers, Tristan, Jake Manning and Stephen Linehan for their acoustic set, the Failed Nasa Experiment mega band and the Murmurists. And of course to David and Murray (both of whom were on blistering form in the Plexus set - just playing it back - wild stuff). Here's a couple of photos- more to come and review when my energy levels pick up...'. Rod plays in improv outfit, Teledu/Ward/Warner, sometimes called Plexus. He also took the pictures above: top one being of Murray Ward, of Teledu/Ward/Warner or Plexus and The Failed NASA Experiment; under that, you can see Roger Bullen and Lee Mapley of murmurists. Click on the title of this bog to go directly to Rod Warner's blog. Here's the address anyway: