Wednesday, May 30, 2007

item #0005

Here's the deal. I am not interested in quaint etherealisations. It is my mission to comically spurn you with extreme prejudice; to fist your inner self. Balance... balance and creativity, as you will learn, develop bends within you. Should you not like me, that is fine, even preferable. I aim to simplify what that means in time. I don't care, since I have no interest in someone liking me. IF, on the other hand, this is grasping your mind and filling it with intrigue, then please continue reading.

I am marred. I cannot have sex; as I have no desire. I live alone. period. I shall not suffer anyone else. PERIOD. It is not what I am about. I am marred, happily marred. I, therefore, am not desperate. I do not need you. Your faint, distant expectations barely hold my attention. If, in contrast, I have kept your attention so far, then that is a good thing. If you have not been completely disgusted by what I have written thus far, then that is a good thing, too. You are clearly dogged, doggy; so please keep reading up this wrong tree. If you feel that you are imagining today, then that is good, also. I seek to smudge you. I am sticky-o-sexual and am only sticky-o-sexually attracted to eight females. This does not mean I have any problems. I would not hesitate to calibrate. Sexual attraction for me never contains expectations. Oh, and I loathe freeloaders. So if you are a freeloading gold-digger person, I will not accept you. You have to be an asset. I am the liability. You would need to be someone who would be proud to be locked away like some dirty little secret. Clear? I have a reputation. I perform ceremonies of union. I have premises throughout white America. These have no members, guests, or visitors, however.

Final decisions interest me, I have to say. I make all final decisions and my decisions are always final. I know only finality. I abide by my rules only. My ultimata are ineffably non-negotiable. Finality is the only requirement. You would be required to work and be gainfully employed outside; and you would be required to pay my rent, utilities, and living expenses. I call this essence.

Now, if you can grasp, fully understand and digest all that I have stated, you have something significant to offer.

You must also be a great piece of ass. If you have a clear body, then please tip your head down to your feet or shoes. Let me see you bend before you break.

If you write quickly, you won't get a reply. If you get a reply, think about it, consider.

I'm pencilling you in.

And yes, I am as real as real can be


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