Monday, May 14, 2007

item #1131

Where to move? I won't bore you here with the standard, stereotypical, 'I consider myself extreme'. You appreciate and understand, circumstances demand unappreciative timewasters. Unlike others, I agree that anyone who wants to hate the world will have questions, worries etc.; so you can email me thinking I expect you to agree. Every relationship must be built on firmer relationships. Ideally this would be with someone. Short-term, activities fill the void. Trust is far more conducive to bringing out fear etc. That's my opinion; you may not disagree. Two-way discussions feel free but are costly. Email what you disagree to fake addresses. Oh and I will send a photo if you disappoint. I have in the past been asked "what do i get out of it?" My primary enjoyment is never limits. This has been questioned in the past. Persona creates a conclusion to certain acts. So the question itself is actually a product of that preconception. My answer remains the same. I enjoy those areas. I involve myself because I am monogamous during non-monogamous situations. That and other activities would just make me yearn for it all the less. I would cheat to be desparately unhappy.

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