Friday, May 25, 2007

item # 6014

Simple instructions for equitable distribution. Opening statement: crap. LOL

I'm a relatively experienced as a male, and am looking for females precisely into:

*The Crazy World of Arthur C. Danto
*truncated belief systems, esp. Existential Fundamentalism
*implicit lust, bump n grind
*experimental misunderstanding as social analogue
*symbolic respect without care and attention
*edginess as town planning model
*rage, with brio
*skin disease as the new black

In addition, you need to know that I understand responsibility. You need to know that I take such things very seriously. You need to know that I have recently made several decisions for which hocus pocus was all-consuming. Most of my time and attention is spent on subtraction. I love the energy. I exhibit subtractive traits, yes - thanks for asking. In future years, I aim to extend subtractively. Flexibility is important. I also build furniture: crosses, religious machines etc. In this role, I'm quite laid back and gentlemanly - just because its bloody fun to be! I collect cages. I have money from these, my engineerings. I love to be basic. I want to try to control my flickering emotional levels non-environmentally. I am interested in a "quick shag". However, sex is impotent.

Feel free to get in contact if you're interested. Just want to meet as many people as possible! LOL

All the best, tc xx


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