Wednesday, May 16, 2007

item #6702

Hi. I take so little notice of you, I realise. I continually prey upon you, yes. My attention has gone, as has been said by others. You are insensible to this, I know. When you answered my questions, I adored your nervousness and fear. I was struck by your lack of opinion. Your reactions were mine. I closed your eyes. I need no-one. Your doubt makes that possible. I am certain that nothing can stop me. I expect a person to do a lot from me. Nothing complex is intimated. This is purely instrumental. I favour the edges of things. You will too. Your function is to merge. There are millions of you out there. I am proud; so I will not tolerate your diversity. I know my mind. I am not a robot to feed your inadequacies. I don’t forgive easily.