Thursday, May 17, 2007

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What lies at the heart of metaphysics? If your answer is "sex", stop reading now and move on. We are not compatible. If your answer is "intricacy" or "anger" or "surety", read on. We may have something to offer each other.....

Jargon is precious to me. I am an obscurist - both from choice and out of necessity. I detest clarity and its vocations. I use others lightly but incessantly at one-remove. You will gladly and gratefully accept all that this implies. I talk at length, as you will see. In so doing, I admix - at will and willy-nilly - such ideas and propositions I happen to stumble upon. I call this activity 'will'. Prospective candidates will be taught to be enthusiastic about such events. Sincerity is unnecessary. I can easily accommodate disagreement, so long as it remains unvoiced, invisible. Your experience is meaningless to me. All require re-training, whatever their background. I am direct, as you can see. My desires serve my needs. But be aware that no-one must share the same needs and desires as I do. Nothing progressive is offered. Ability is a side-issue. Only mute, willing spirits will be rewarded with places. In the early stages, genuine terror will be directed should resolve weaken. This will be in place of support and encouragement. Sometimes force will be used to maintain the standards I expect. My performances will be immediate, enthusiastic, total and perfect. My attention to detail is poor, true. But anyone who questions my judgement or protests or seeks in any way to challenge my authority, will be finished.

My interests revolve around arson: arson*, arse on couch, arse-on-arse action (mud, custard etc.), d arse-on-el



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