Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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Hugely dispassionate about hearing; but I enjoy reading, perhaps a little more so than the next person. I definately mess with Culture. I like people in conversation. I get into my depth at times. Mostly, my heart lies; which means that, yes, I am looking for both traits and feelings to save me. To say more than that would make this less of an essay! Away from that, though, I currently really happen. While it's not the most fulfilling thing in the world, there's nothing wrong with fundamentalism. I might be stuck up; but I travel about at the last minute, on occasion. Travelling is feeling. I hardly bother, the more I do it. I've done the distance thing before, and it worked while it lasted. On the whole I'm waiting for Psychology, Sociology and the English language to conspire to confect widespread, generalised understanding. Everything else that's current is medium or long term, in my view. Good? I always welcome aggreement. For those that have read this far and don't mind reading a little more, to follow are some quotes about stuff I've written. Feel free to ask me about them!

My mission is not wearing me out. It serves my following, in their rites, rituals, rules and regulations, to think it may be doing so. Indeed, my following are all expressions of it, HUGE ones. My mission is about giving balance to the largest part of my personal experience. I variously term this (a) basic manual labour (b) forms of misdirection (c) specificity (d) naked floor scrubbing in a French maid's uniform (e) justice (f) shard work. 'But why would anyone do that?', you may be thinking. Well, for me, time, effort and energy improve the quantity of iterations possible. Perhaps it's better to come at it from another angle? A common misconception. I offer a massive opportunity for self-improvment, at the very least. Behind that, of course, is economic growth for one of us.


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