Friday, June 01, 2007

Dr. James Aulich, at MMU

Jim Aulich's research interests engage with the relationships between history, memory and representation, especially in the field of propaganda and publicity in the graphic arts. He is an active member of the Location, Memory and the Visual research Group. As leader, he is responsible for research development in the Visual Culture Research Centre. He is director of the ARHC funded Resource Enhancement project 'Posters of Conflict: the visual culture of public information and counter information 1914-2005,' a collaboration with the Imperial War Museum. Other research projects on the Vietnam War, The Falklands Conflict, the 'change' in Central Europe in 1989, and communist rule in central and eastern Europe have all led to exhibitions and publications. He has been an invited delegate to the Brno Biennale, Czech Republic since 1991. Recently he has given papers at Vienna City Hall on the 'historian and the poster archive', and at Prague Central Library on the political poster. This summer he researched and curated 'Forced Laughter. An exhibition of 105 cartoons by Boris Efimov,' Galerie Nova sin, Prague, Czech Republic.


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