Thursday, May 31, 2007

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I am a professional working in South Yorkshire, UK. I am a micro-climate. I tailor the seasons to my individual taste, my own unique and twisted style. They are made safe, sane. They are neutralised. Nothing is consensual in this arrangement. The environment is mine. In it, you are a leaf in the breeze. Please note that if you lack direction, then my suggestion is that you try harder, fail, and then apply to me. There are NO exceptions to this triumvirate. Proof of these stages and their attendant processes will be demanded. For my part, I offer bewildering variety, plasticity, aural penetration, e-enhancements of one kind or another; in the midst of which, you will be made corporeally static, kept mute, ritualistically-sidelined. Make no mistake, the furthering of my career is the point of this. Although I adore what I do, I refuse to meet, even to consider meeting, you. Email is all that needed. My time is valuable, as exceptional skills cost money. I have 26 systems operating 24/7. Log in, register your Pay Pal account, sit back and wait. My website is now open and contains more directions.



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