Sunday, July 29, 2007

item #0146

Couple, North East, UK, early 30s.

We are very close. You need to know that. We think alike and have the same values. Our systems are built upon this and we develop others in order to combine still further. We operate as scientists. The procedures we favour are something of a challenge in toto, yes; but they are also an attempt to establish useful and exacting physical ultimata for general application.

We believe in this product.

Our work is centred upon notions such as insecure meaning; text-as-end-in-itself; languid analysis; fuzzy destruction; intentional ideological bias; gender economics; politics-as-rebus; traditional-assumptions-as-infection; the hermeneutic ape; philosophical and religious truths as buckets of blood.

As professionals, we base our ventures upon the premise that much of human history, in trying to understand, and then define, reality has led to various forms of domination - of nature, of people of colour, of the poor, of homosexuals, etc. This is called 'now'.

We like now because it has the structure of fart gas. Let us explain... In this now, concrete experience is no more valid than blowing free abstract iterations spat forth from the trumpet-breath of idiots in bad brassband collider. Such a fucking turn-on. Any attempt to produce a totalising history, or a totalising truth, is to be frowned upon with comic upside-down frowns. We make such hoods for those without faces. Thus, ever-gassing, we blow up babies in the womb, whole villages even; thus, ever-gassing, we release toxins into the air; thus, ever-gassing, we cultivate fear and distrust and apathy and nihilism as part of our marketing schemes. Our viewers are micro-chipped chimps, fast in undeclared, pearlised cages.

Multiplicity is the thing: multiplicity not as diversity, but as a coruscating, colonising shapelessness. Where once was touchable physicality and at least a will toward conceptual, socio-political centrality and mutual accord, now lies a synthetic soup of fracture and contingency, making mammon of human experience.

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