Monday, July 02, 2007

item #8621

Greetings. Experienced m, 52, Ox, willing to relocate, seeks similar The last thing I need today is a strawman. I previously determined that particular systems, regardless of narrow experiential factors, do not constitute general doctrine. Judging by the messages I have received, some view this as an extraction. True, certain situations or sets of conditions spawn a number of fundamental principles; and these can be generalised to practical effect. Some of these are even, shall we say, handsomely-produced; some are even durable; some have a convincing degree of finish. However, as will be made clear, such axes remain indistinct, quite impossible to condense. This terrain is already fugitive. But can we agree, as a meaningful starting point, that pictorial expression itself is equal to the task of conveying ideas? In other words, can we say that such expression is a form of literate communication, a language? Suitable forms of materialism are required to service this contention, of course. In addition, one needs a ready commitment to the work itself; and this commitment must be principled; having little to do with sheer technique :)