Thursday, July 19, 2007


Enjoying our debate. Thanks for your application. Sorry our long message got truncated. No indication is given of such restrictions; so we typed our characters into the numerical dark. No matter. Full version re-posted on our blog. Feel free. Re. your last comment: No restriction was intended. Reference to Marx was an opening gambit, if you will, a kind of tiny splash in the vast sea of possible intellectual locations. Getting to know people - as it were - requires that generalities are traded early on, of course. Complexity - and thus meaning, we feel - is only possible with work, application, and great care. As your header indicates, this is rare; and these days, one seldom expects anything but a kind of inchdeep nihilism and intersubjectivity. Aspects of your prose are obscure to us. But we anticipate you are serious-minded and respect that completely and intrinsically. Reciprocity is basic to us. We seek it a priori and absolutely. We are various ages - younger and older than yourself, but not too much either way. We include men and women, and also transexuals, pansexuals, and asexuals. Not sure what you mean by 'light', sorry. Happy to respond with clarification. Best wishes


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