Sunday, September 09, 2007

item #0003

I get many memo's, all asking basically the same things. I have given this some thought. Can I explain...? There is no subject here; no subjectivity; only subjection. Surely, you can see that? Anyway, let me explain... That is to say, back to nature...

Please, don't get me. I am not actual, if you wish; and this is by no-one. When I question, I think I, I do and say I. When you accept this, I will begin to answer your questions. I could move forward; I could look at consequences, statements, and then move on. But I am only prepared for welfare. This could mean that days are meaningless, filmic. Indeed, I permit myself this reward. I have machines set to listen and to record; whilst I debate choices elsewhere, silently, scratching into diaries. All styles and colours are the same, in my view. I have flags, yes; but only of chameleon.

Such a turn-on.

Extraction is no excuse, I know, but I have learned to speak without expectations. This manifests itself in many ways: in the power of my sexuality, the use of my body, my mind, my soul - albeit within boundaries set by good faith and the barbs of individualism, individuation, singularity and loneliness. I Habermas, I do. I understand decisions function to structure belief, and thus trust. That is not me. It is the universe. I will give up control, but only to terminology, on some pedestal somewhere.

I am a strong-willed, intelligent female. In my day to day life, I hold down a powerful job, run a home and family. My goals for myself may stagnate other relationships.

These are broadsides.


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