Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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By now, I am a woman with a husband. Outside of this, there is extremity. Here, we both live my life within my home. Every need prompts another in him. I have no command which ensures anything useful, but I am endlessly followed. No high standards are maintained. I have, though, exacting ways toward my husband. I see early signs of no rest for the wicked, but progress has been relatively easy. I am not looking for formality or direction; but I am looking for any other exchange. For my part, I offer an array of experiences, methods, and modes of thinking. It isn't plain sailing, however; and I feel I am becoming my own vice. Please help. If there are any approachers on this site - ie. wives, girlfriends - do associate yourselves. I will only reply to your messages. Could you provide a description of your situation?

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